Sports Waxes

Waxes are used in many modern sports where their unique properties are used to enhance performance.

  • Surf Wax

    Surf Wax

    Designed to stop slipping on the surfboard these waxes can be made at various hardness levels to suit all water temperatures. These high build materials can be made in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and scents to give strong brand identity. Darent wax has supplied waxes to brand owners in South Africa, USA and Australia.

  • Skate Wax

    Skate Wax

    Formulated specifically for in line skate and skateboard grinding these materials are some of the fastest available. Shapes, size colour, perfume and packaging can be made to order for the strongest brand identity and highest performance

  • Snowboard Wax

    Snowboard Wax

    Formulated specifically for different snow conditions to prevent icing and binding, snowboard waxes can be formulated to give maximum performance and strong brand identity. Packaging can be in blocks or tins.

  • Ski Wax

    Ski Wax

    Similar to snowboard waxes, ski wax can be formulated to give outstanding performance on the slopes. Form, colour and size can be specified to suit usage and brand image.