The Darent Wax Company supplies high quality, speciality wax compounds to a wide variety of markets.

We are amongst the leaders in wax-blending technology. We research, develop, and manufacture specialist products, supplying customers both large and small all over the globe.


Petroleum waxes, natural waxes, waxes blended with resins and polymers, coloured and perfumed materials. Special packaging, different sizes and shapes, any quantity from kilos to tonnes – The Darent Wax Company supplies wax products for many different applications.

Darent Wax’s unique approach to tailor-making and tweaking formulations, combined with outstanding customer service and competitive pricing makes us the perfect partner.

Product-driven we offer over 1,500 products to markets as diverse as Beauty, Aerospace, SFX, Engineering and Agriculture.

Customer-focused we grow with our customers, offering technical support every step of the way.

Technically-minded with 5 full-time chemists on site, we offer high standards of material research, development and quality control.

This web site shows just some examples of our products but we can meet most challenges for custom blending and moulding of wax products.

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What We Do

We offer innovative, market-leading products for all manner of applications. If you think wax may be the answer, please get in touch. Whether it’s an off-the-shelf solution or a tailor made formulation, we will work with you to find the perfect product.

Off-the-shelf solutions

We have a huge library of formulations on offer, dating back as far as the late 1800’s. Whether it’s a high-performance depilatory wax, a green bronze-casting wax or a traditional beeswax polish, we can offer tried and tested formulations for you to sample and buy.

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Bespoke blends

If one of our off-the-shelf solutions isn’t quite right for your application, we can tailor a product just for you. We have an massive range of raw materials to choose from, which allows us to carefully select the individual ingredients based on the final application and create a custom blend to match the requirements exactly.

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Traded Products

We don't just supply finished products - we can also supply your raw materials. If you use wax, contact us now with the specification and we will offer our prices and any advice you need. We are UK agents for Green & Natural, Michelman Inc and Chavant Clay

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