Special Effects Waxes

We have worked on all sorts of SFX projects, from blockbuster films and award-winning TV shows to small independent university projects. We can help you create snow, ice, breaking porcelain or glass, and many others. Below are our most popular products in this industry.

  • Glass Wax

    Glass Wax

    Clear, glass like materials that are easily moulded to resemble sheet glass, bottles, jars and glasses for use on stage or film sets where they will break easily and safely if required. China Wax is an opaque version of Glass Wax that can be moulded to look like china tableware but breaks easily and safely.

  • Ice Wax

    Ice Wax

    Clear ice like materials designed to resemble ice for special effects and prop manufacture. Ice wax is available in a range of hardness from very brittle for shattering effects to a more durable form for ice sculptures and larger structures.

  • Jelly Wax

    Jelly Wax

    An easily melted and moulded clear, dimensionally stable, jelly-like material that can be used for a variety of effects from body parts to ice cubes. Sometimes used instead of silicone rubber. Can be formulated to give varying hardness and resilience.