Coloured Waxes - Bottle Sealing Wax

We can offer a range of highly coloured waxes for a variety of applications such as bottle sealing wax. We can colour match most samples, and our 5 full-time chemists and aerospace-level quality control ensure minimal batch-to-batch variations.

  • Bottle Sealing Wax

    Bottle Sealing Wax

    Coloured, flexible and strippable waxes have been formulated specifically for bottle and jar sealing. They are used on a variety of products from wines to olive oil, pickles and even cosmetic applications. Easy peel versions available.

    Bottle sealing waxes are becoming increasingly popular for the growing premium drinks markets. Many top end gin, whisky and wine brands are looking for new ways to make their products stand out. Our wide range of bottle sealing waxes are available in all sorts of colours and finishes.

    Available in pastilles or blocks, with various setting times and both gloss/matte finishes.

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  • Cheese Waxes

    Cheese Waxes

    Used for coating cheeses where they prevent drying out but also add identity. Red waxes for Edam type, yellow for Gouda etc. Waxes can be coloured to suit most types and brands and are formulated accordingly. Colours available include: Red, Black, Yellow, Orange , Green, White or Clear.

  • Tyre and Road Marking Crayons

    Tyre and Road Marking Crayons

    Widely used throughout the tyre industry and are preferred by tyre manufacturers and suppliers alike. Wilmark Marking Crayons are available in a range of sizes and offer the following advantages.

    • Wilmark Crayons can not be easily washed away or rubbed out
    • Markings can be easily removed by solvent if required
    • Wilmark Crayons are available in a wide range of colours
    • Wilmark Crayons are very economical

    Although Wilmark Crayons are most commonly seen in the tyre industry they are also used by construction companies, lumber companies and local councils for road marking.

    Crayons are available in a wide range of colours, black, green, yellow, blue, red and white.

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