Arts & Crafts Waxes

Wax is widely used in arts and crafts. Artists use a variety of wax products, whether they are involved in traditional batique or modern sculpture. We work with highly-acclaimed professionals on all kinds of projects.

Some of our previous projects include:

Anish Kapoor – Shooting Into The Corner

Alex Chinneck – A Pound Of Flesh For 50p

Alex Chinneck – Fighting Fire With Ice Cream



  • Bronze Art Casting

    Bronze Art Casting

    Sculpting or investment casting in waxes prior to metal casting is still a popular and effective method of producing art castings. Darent Wax has products to suit most applications.

    • Excellent dimensional reproducibility
    • Low shrinkage
    • Mechanical strength in the solid phase
    • Low ash content
    • Ideal surface texture and detail
    • Stable
    • Easy to handle
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  • Machinable Casting

    Machinable Casting

    A hard, dimensionally stable material that can be both machined and used as an investment casting wax has found several applications in arts and crafts.

  • Jewellery Casting

    Jewellery Casting

    The investment casting technique or 'The Lost Wax' process has been in use since the ancient civilisations such as the Egyptians and Greeks. It is a process that involves moulding a piece in wax where it can be joined or finished to a good standard, dipping it in a ceramic slurry and allowing it to harden.

    The ceramic coated wax is then heated so the wax melts out leaving a ceramic ”shell’ which can then be fired in a kiln. This can then be used as a mould in which metal can be pored and when cool the ceramic is broken away leaving a perfect casting.

    This technique is used extensively in precision engineering for the aerospace and defence industries but Darent Wax’s main interest is in jewellery casting. Our jewellery casting waxes are designed specifically to give the finest detail, combined with controlled set off, resilience and minimum residual ash content making them ideal for mass production of precious metal jewellery.

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  • Sculpting Wax

    Sculpting Wax

    We supply a range of Sculpting Waxes from easily carved speciality paraffin waxes to complex, filled waxes for making model figures by moulding, carving or machining. Waxes are available with varying degrees of hardness to suit your application and method, free form or tool.

  • Candle Making

    Candle Making

    Darent Wax produces several grades of Jelly Wax for the production of clear jelly candles. We also supply paraffin waxes, opacifiers, overdips and container waxes, and waxes for making outdoor garden candles.

  • Batik


    The ancient art of laying out a design on fabric, dyeing it and removing the wax prior to repeating the process several times so that a picture or fashion design has been created, requires waxes having specific melting point, viscosity and flexibility.

  • Modelling Wax

    Modelling Wax

    From easily carved speciality paraffin waxes to complex, filled waxes for making model figures by moulding, carving and even machining are all available.

  • Modelling Clay

    Modelling Clay

    The range of Fine Arts Clays available from Darent Wax is designed to offer both novice and professional sculptors a clean and smooth media in which to work, whatever their style.

    We also distribute a range of clays from Chavant Inc. From the very soft DaVinci clay, ideal for sculptors with a loose and flexible style, through to NSP clay providing increased rigidity and flexibility for more detailed work, the range offers an enjoyable working experience, is reusable and is very user friendly.

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