The list of miscellaneous applications for waxes and wax blends is endless - from Morticians Wax to Dental Wax, Sealing Wax to Calender Wax. Please contact us for further information.

  • Neutron-Shielding Wax

    Neutron-Shielding Wax

    Working together with experienced scientists, we have developed a wax suitable for neutron shielding in highly radioactive areas such as particle accellerators. Our products offer neutron shielding whilst remaining completely fire-safe, and we offer flexibility in our pouring and filling capabilities.

    Some customers send empty tanks for us to fill, and others want our neutron-shielding wax in block form. We’re flexible enough to offer a range of options.

    We have been involved in major multinational government-funded projects and we understand the issues and challenges faced.

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  • Paste Up Waxes

    Paste Up Waxes

    Highly refined microcrystalline waxes mixed with plasticisers and polymers can produce soft , sticky materials that can be used as temporary adhesives. These were traditionally used as 'paste-up' waxes during the production of printing plates. A coating of wax was applied to copy and photographs and the nature of the wax allowed the layout to be altered by removing and replacing the copy to suit.

    Although now rarely used for their original purpose, we often revert back to these products when faced with a new, similar application.

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