Solvent Dispersions & Emulsions

Whether it's a furniture polish, a car wax, or a release agent for fibreglass moulding, we manufacture a wide range of formulations involving solvents and/or emulsions.

Our new purpose-built facility near Orpington, Kent, has been equipped with top-of-the-range ATEX-rated solvent blending equipment. We are able to fill small tins to large drums, print and label in-line, and our Aerospace approvals means that every batch gets tested to extremely tight parameters, regardless of the product type. This results in a perfect product every time.

  • Wax Polishes

    Wax Polishes

    Wax polish offers a high degree of protection and the shine for various surface types. Whether you are polishing wooden furniture, ancient museum pieces, or an expensive sports car we have a wax polish that will suit your needs.

    • High quality wax based polishes
    • Formulations available for every application
    • Available with or without scouring agents
    • Available in bulk or individually packed
    • Wax polish can be supplied in a wide range of colours and fragrances
    • Economical to use
    • Wax polish available in spirit or water based forms

    Polishes are available in a variety of blends for all applications including:

    • Furniture
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Boats
    • Floors
    • Tiles

    We use many different raw materials in our wax polishes, from the various grades of carnauba, natural oils or mineral oils, to montan waxes, polyethylene waxes, and various Fischer-Tropsch waxes, depending on what result we aim to achieve.

    We supply many brand owners with custom blends, and confidentiality is crucial in many cases. Please contact us now with your enquiry.

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  • Release Coatings

    Release Coatings

    Darent Wax has a wide range of mould release coatings from hard pastes for hand application to soft or liquid emulsions for application by compressed air.

    Benefits of wax release agents include

    • Excellent release properties
    • Every application method catered for
    • Various liquid and paste grades available
    • Petroleum spirit or water based dispersions available
    • Economic┬áto use
    • Minimum effort required

    Examples of products available:

    Wilslip Diamond – hard paste
    Wilslip Platinum – Soft paste
    Wilslip Gold – Liquid based
    Wilslip Tiara – Water based

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  • Toll Manufacture & Contract Filling

    Toll Manufacture & Contract Filling

    In addition to bespoke and off the shelf speciality wax products we can offer a wide range of Toll Manufacturing services and solutions, including

    • Complete manufacture of finished goods to your specification and formulation in your packaging
    • Preparation of waxed based raw materials for your own production process.
    • Hot or cold fill from 5mL to 20L containers.
    • Production of Pastillated products.
    • Preparation of wax based emulsions.
    • Complete confidentiality where required.
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  • Wax Emulsions

    Wax Emulsions

    We have the capability to produce wax emulsions in a wide variety of packaging and in a wide range of viscosities and densities. We will be happy to blend tailor made wax emulsions on request.

    • Every application catered for
    • Wax emulsions blended from a wide range of waxes
    • Economic to use
    • Available in various solids contents

    Wax Emulsions Blended From

    • Paraffin wax
    • Polyethylene wax
    • Carnauba wax
    • Beeswax
    • Microcrystalline wax
    • Montan wax
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