Grafting Wax, Wax Marking & De-feathering Wax

The physical properties of waxes and wax blends allow for many applications in agriculture and horticulture.

We can modify waxes for every application. For instance: polymers can be added to increase flexibility, food-grade colour additives can be used for any marking applications, and growth hormone additives can be added to certain waxes if required.

  • Grafting Wax

    Grafting Wax

    Ease of use, flexibility and outstanding water resistance make waxes ideal for grafting applications, including roses, fruit trees and grapevines.

    We supply Graft-It waxes into a number of vineyards around the world. We can offer excellent quality at low prices. Please contact us now with your enquiry.

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  • De-Feathering Wax

    De-Feathering Wax

    De-Feathering poultry and game can be achieved quickly and efficiently by using our wax products.

    We have developed a superior, flexible blend for down removal, which has excellent ‘body’ and doesn’t break off in small lumps. A low melting point and specific viscosity means there is no damage caused to the bird.
    This product is low cost and manufactured to tight specifications to ensure minimal batch-to-batch variation.

    Contact us now with your enquiry.

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  • Coloured Waxes

    Coloured Waxes

    Coloured waxes can be used for a variety of applications, from sheep marking to fruit coatings.

    • Coloured waxes can be used to identify grades of fruit and vegetables by dipping part or all in low temperature waxes. Complete dipping can provide protection and extended shelf life.
    • For livestock marking, waxes can be formulated to be soft and highly coloured. These are used as livestock marking crayons or even made into ‘Ram Harness’ blocks where the wax compound provides visual evidence of mating.

    Other, application-specific coloured waxes can be produced. Contact us now with your custom blend enquiry.


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  • Others


    These are just some of the applications we sell waxes for. Many customers contact us for a custom blend - please contact us now with your enquiry. Other waxes include:

    • ¬†Slow release fertilisers etc: The incorporation of waxes into coatings can control the rate at which fertilisers or weed killers are introduced into soil.
    • Vermin control can be achieved by combining poisons with feed and special low taint waxes.
    • Special, wax based adhesives can be formulated for many other agricultural applications.


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