Our extensive library of raw materials allows us to formulate unique products, suitable for use all over the body.

We pride ourselves on our close relationships with our customers, and creating innovative products together as a team.
Many of our customers in this industry are market-leading global brands and we ensure all our products conform to the latest EU regulations.

We offer a huge range of colours, essential oils and fragrances, and we can include additives such as titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and mica in our depilatory waxes.

Darent Wax offers a trade only service and does not own any European brands within the beauty industry.


  • Depilatory Waxes

    Depilatory Waxes

    Darent Wax has the largest manufacturing capacity for depilatory waxes in the UK and supplies many of the leading brands globally. We are able to manufacture bulk depilatory wax in many formats: Hard wax in beads or blocks, soft wax, creme wax or crystal waxes in various containers, from 20g right through to 160Kg drums. We can supply synthetic, allergen-free products in both hard and soft waxes, or we can supply products that contain stabilised Colophonium (pine rosin), where preferred. This gives our customers a complete choice of products and we can offer guidance on the various USPs for each product type, to help with branding and marketing strategies.

    Soft/Strip Waxes

    Soft/Honey/Warm Waxes


    High and low viscosity, Premium Northern European, Mediterranean or American styles. These products are based on colophonium (pine rosin) and stabilised using our unique methods.

    Creme Waxes


    Creme waxes contain an opacifier such as Titanium Dioxide or Zinc Oxide, which renders the wax colour solid. This allows the user to see the wax easier, resulting in a thinner layer being applied. Often, the thinner the wax is spread the better the depilation.


    Clear ‘Gelee’ Waxes


    Delicate pastel colours and subtle fragrances are available in these premium products. These products are synthetic, contain no allergens and are perfect for sensitive skin. Available in both Creme and Clear versions.


    Water Dispersible Waxes


    Unique products developed by Darent Wax that have all the properties of premium soft/crème waxes but with the advantage of being water sensitive so residues and spillages can be easily removed with warm water. These materials are also the best suited to microwave melting.


    Hard/Hot Waxes


    We offer a huge range of hard waxes: ‘Traditional’ hard waxes, azulene wax, facial waxes and ‘Brazilian’ grades.

    5th generation ‘multi-directional’ waxes are also available, as are synthetic hard waxes.

    We can supply in many formats, including easy-to-use pastilles.

    ProductPastilles2SmallProductPastilles6SmallProductPastilles5Small ProductPastilles4Small   ProductPastilles1Small




    Complete Packaging Solutions

    Packaging can be in polypropylene or metal jars, cartons or trays in a variety of packaged weights from 30g to 1 kilo. Tubes and dispenser cartridges can also be accommodated.

    We have our own in-house printing capabilities, and we are now able to offer In-Mould-Labelling (IML) for photo-quality printed packaging.

    Please contact us to discuss your options.

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  • Retail & Professional

    Retail & Professional

    Our products are developed mainly for the professional markets. However, Darent Wax can also provide either fully packaged or 'wax product only' materials to brand owners globally to sell into retail markets.

    ProductCartridges100Small ProductCartridges80Small

    For retail markets, fully originated or wax only solutions are available. In addition, bulk supplies of formulated products are available for brand owners to fill or package.

    Whichever option is taken, clients can rest assured that they will be using a premium quality wax product, fully supported by a full quality and technical service package.

    Darent Wax will also undertake toll manufacture and contract filling of most wax products, if required, under strict confidentiality agreements.

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  • Paraffin Waxes

    Paraffin Waxes

    Very low melting paraffin waxes have a very desirable property in their latent heat of fusion. At the temperature that they solidify at they maintain their temperature for an extended period as they change state.

    ProductLMPWSmallThe purer the chemical combination the longer they hold this temperature for. As such they are a valuable material to the beauty profession as, if selected and formulated properly, they can be applied to most parts of the body as a liquid at just above their melting point and as they solidify they provide a warming environment to the skin surface. This increases blood flow and opens up pores to allow thorough cleansing and the opportunity for the skin to absorb either additives in the wax or light oils that moisturise and soften the skin. After treatment, most clients experience a warm afterglow for several hours and a real sense of well being.

    Darent Wax also provides paraffin waxes specifically designed for health applications where they are used in physiotherapy treatments.

    Darent Wax’s range of paraffin waxes are available in blocks and preformed plastic trays from 50 g to 5Kg and can include a variety of colours, perfumes and essential oils.

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  • Souffle Wax

    Souffle Wax

    Exhibiting all the soothing benefits of paraffin wax, Souffle Wax has been developed as a treatment programme for use as a professional facial treatment. Conventional paraffin waxes are not easy to apply and parts of the face are amongst the most sensitive parts of the body.

    Souffle wax contains additives that allow it to be whipped up by the beauty therapist during a beauty treatment, to become a thick, creamy, easy to apply material. In this state it can be applied as a thick film, always at the correct and safe temperature without the risk of burning and without problems of liquid wax running off onto clothing or into hair. It provides a highly profitable and most effective treatment for salon owners.

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  • Hair Styling Waxes

    Hair Styling Waxes

    Darent Wax can offer a range of wax based pomades for hair styling.

    Packed in either plastic tubs, tubes or metal cans they can be formulated to suit clients’ exact requirements and a variety of scents can be included. Easy wash out additives can also be included.

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