Darent Wax completes partial MBO

January 8, 2016

The Board of The Darent Wax Company Ltd has been strengthened by inviting some of its senior management team to join it as Shareholding Directors.

Richard Parker, Andrea Szilagyi, Tom Ward and Phil Belzar are all long serving members of staff and Louis Finlayson-Green has recently joined in an operational capacity. They are all now directors, having been involved in a partial MBO leaving Tony Ward as majority shareholder and chairman/CEO of the much expanded company.

Tony commented, “The company’s impressive expansion and diversification in recent years coupled with the demands of the modern business world, regulation and international opportunities is just too much for an individual to manage effectively. I have a highly experienced team of dedicated staff whom already manage many of the critical aspects of the business. It is time for me to focus more on future opportunities and let better qualified people manage the business with me as we go forward. Contrary to what most people might assume, however, voluntary retirement isn’t being considered – I shall consider that when I am older!”